Finesse Pro x Jig Package

Finesse Pro x Jig Package

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New Package for specific Spring and Summer fishing! This is a finesse box for bass fisherman.You get 3 packs of Jigs and 2 packs of Worms. Total retail cost is $23 at your local store. Get this package deal 55% OFF! Status: In Stock Ships Same Day before 3pm. USPS First Class mail 2-5 days.


This box includes:

  • Chompers Wobble Head Football Jig 5/16th (Retail $4.99)
  • Chompers Wobble Head Football Jig 7/16th (Retail $4.99)
  • Chompers Wobble Head Football Jig 9/16th (Retail $4.99)
  • Bass Pro Shops Flicker Worm 6" 15 Pack (Retail $3.99)
  • Bass Pro Shops Floating Finesse 6" 15 Pack (Retail $3.99)

About Chompers:

Great for fishing soft plastic baits on deep structure, the Chompers® Wobble Head Football Jigs combine a free swinging hook with a football head to produce a very lively, tantalizing action. Not only does the Wobble Head's free swinging hook allow the jig to produce more action, but the swinging hook movement will also reduce lost fish. Complete with VMC® Wide Gap hook.

  • Great for fishing plastics on deep structure
  • Football head design
  • Free swinging hook
  • Produces a lively action
  • Reduces lost fish
  • VMC® Wide Gap hook

Bass Pro Flicker Worm

Our Bass Pro Shops® Flicker Worm is a finesse style worm that will draw bass any way you rig it—shakey style, dropshot, Texas or Carolina rigged, and especially wacky style. A floating agent has been added to the tail section, giving it extra buoyancy for a tail-up presentation. Better still, it is infused with salt and our 8up™ baitfish scent attractant.

  • Finesse style
  • Rig it any way you want
  • Floating tail
  • Infused with salt and 8up scent

Bass Pro Floating Worm

These highly-effective soft plastic Bass Pro Shops® Floatin' Worms stay near the surface and have proven to be irresistible to bass. You can float these worms head-up on top, through heavy cover, or over grass beds to call up the big ones. Floatin' Worms are especially deadly suspended off bottom on a Carolina rig. Infused with our revolutionary 8up baitfish flavor scent attractant.

  • Stays near the surface and proven to be irresistible to bass
  • Highly-effective soft plastic
  • Infused with 8up baitfish flavor