Fishing Care Package

50ct Tech Swimbait Bulk Box



Need we say more than the price alone? These are the best selling salted ribbed swimbaits that fish go crazy for. This price is half the cost of wholesale production. 

 Included in this 50 piece kit:

Total: 50 Tech Swimbait

Retail: $60+ In Store Cost for 50 Pieces

YOUR COST: $9.99... that is 80% OFF Retail for brand new lures!

Currently only dark blue tech swimbaits available 


Our Tech Swimbait sports an oversized paddle tail for a heavy swimming action. For versatility and ease of rigging, we've included a hook slot at the top and at the bottom. A ribbed body gives off extra vibrations to call in wary lunkers. The Tech Swimbait is great for use on umbrella rigs and is infused with salt and our scent attractant. Made in USA.

  • Oversized paddle tail
  • Hook slot on top and bottom
  • Ribbed body
  • Great on umbrella rigs
  • Infused with salt and  scent attractant


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