Fishing Care Package

5LB Bulk Bait Box: Worm


Get a bag filled to the top with approximately 250-500 assorted Worm style soft plastics, 5 POUNDS of brand new lures.

Retail Value: $200+ / Your Price: $49.99

We picked the BEST SELLING Bass styles and colors for Spring fishing.

Your mix could include:

  • 3"-8" Assorted Finesse Worms
  • 5"-10" Ribbon Tail Worms
  • Shakey Head Worms
  • Floating Worms
  • Darter Worms
  • Thick Finesse Worms
  • Thin Finesse Worms
  • Salted Worms
  • No-Salt Worms
  • Scented Worms
  • Rage Worms
  • Burner Worms

Your mix could include ANY colors of the styles above. Colors will not bleed or mix. Baits will not dent, deform or bend mixed together.

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