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5lb Bulk Bait Box


Learn Hands On: Try NEW Baits to you, and your fishing skill set 

Fishermen say this is "The most exciting way to buy and try new lures" for a good reason. We spared no expense to get the best brands, baits, colors, and styles for our customers. Get a custom mixed box hand packed with FIVE POUNDS soft plastic baits.


Q: What Is A Bulk Box?

A: We mix hundreds of thousands of baits together with a huge varity in style, color and brands. We pack our Boxes to the edge with this mix, offering it by the POUND! We don't focus on maximizing margins and profits, we sell at a huge  discount to provide anglers around the country with amazing deals.


Q: Where From?

A: Accumulcated from some of the most popular and trusted companies in the fishing industry, and now exclusive baits and colors designed and produced by us, with the highest quality plastic, scent & salt technologies, we get truckloads of brand new baits to use, we buy in volume and in turn, sell in volume.


Q: Why Do I Need One?

A: Whether you're an experienced angler, or a novice beginner, everyone can find the excitement, variety & value of this box. You now have the ability to have nearly every bait style in your tackle box, such as: Finesse, Topwater, Deepwater, Clear Water, Murky Water, Flippin/Pitchin, Matching The Hatch, and more. 

An even better fact is how much value you're getting. Traditional retail sells baits by the piece, on average around $5 for a pack of worms. Lets call it an 8 pack of Watermelon Worms. That's 63 CENTS per worm. Now you're getting hundreds of baits here, of the same quality and even possibly brand, for as low as 5 cents per piece. 

Expand your fishing skills, trying new baits risk-free, and on your time. Don't get dizzy and confused with walls of logos, packaging, and marketing tools to try new lures. We cut all of that out, and all that's left is the necessary: THE LURES!! 


Q: Will It Bleed? Willl It Melt? Will They Be Damaged?

A: NO!! We offer a quality guarentee with every box ordered, we have been mastering our mixes over the past 4 years, you will not have any bleeding baits, damaged baits, or melted baits. This is a guarentee, not a shot in the dark risk. 



Customer Submission: Sorted Bulk Box with Family 



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