How It Works


STEP 1: Choose your Package


Match one of our Fishing Care Packages to your fishing style. This is crucial to help you catch more fish. We find the best products on the market, stuff them in the box and ship them to your door! 


Do you fish from shore? The Pond Hopping Package would be your best choice. 


Fish the flats of Florida?

Might want to consider a Redfish/Trout/Flounder Package!


You don't like to fish?

You probably shouldn't be on this website..






STEP 2: Order and then wait for it..


The hardest part of this adventure is waiting the few days for it to show up to your door by the mail man. Checking that mailbox everyday anticipating its arrival.. USPS Priority mail shipping with tracking so thankfully it is only a short wait.





STEP 3: Open your package


The big day has arrived..

Crack open that Care Package and dig through all that awesome tackle! Check out those sweet hard plastic lures, the packages of worms and lizards, and all the rest of the items included in your package.


At this point you are overwhelmed with all the tackle for such a cheap price, but you must power through it because the fish are waiting!







Step 4: Go fishing and have fun


Time to go out and see how all those lures work! 

What should you try first? I know there is alot to choose from but you gotta start somewhere.


Go have fun and catch some big fish! Your Fishing Care Package will contain lures and products that have been tested to catch fish; quality and quantity. Show your cool new gear out to your friends and see how they react when you are catching all the fish.. Good luck!