STRICTLY Soft Plastic Package

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HOLD THE LURES! This Package is designed for the softplastic fisherman of the world, or maybe a fisherman or simply needs their plastics box restocked! 

Re-stock your soft plastic baits, try new brands, discover new styles that WORK!

This Largemouth Bass targeted package features ONLY brand new brand bags of SOFTPLASTIC fishing lures from multiple brands. We work with almost every top brand in the industry to provide an exciting quality ordering experience.

What you receive specifically is RANDOM! We do the work of going out and finding specific bait styles and colors that work this time of year for Bass. No repeat bags or colors/styles.

 $20: Get 6-8 NEW Random Bags of Soft Plastics

With the average price around $6.99 NEW, you will always get more in value than you paid. You will not get ANY sample packs or old discontinued baits/brands.

Please allow up to 5 business days to process.

Ships either USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL or PRIORITY MAIL (2-5 Days Shipping Time) +Processing Time