Win $100. How? GO FISHING


How it works: Order a 1LB Bulk Box, go out and record yourself catching a fish on each bait in your bag, and upload it to Youtube under 1LB Fishing Care Package Challenge

Send in your video link to us on Facebook, Instagram or our Support email. When verified you will win $100 via Paypal, Cash App, Venmo or Online Gift Card to our website. 

Change Up Your Baits!

We value the idea of a mystery, you can grab a box, open it up and be introduced to a plethora of new brands, baits, and styles.

This is important for fisherman, because as we know- we get stuck in a rut throwing the same baits and same colors, without branching out. Let us put PROVEN lures in your tackle box, and you'll be extremely surprised at the results.

We Sell Soft Plastic Lures In BULK!

We created the coolest way to buy and try new lures. The BULK BOX by Fishing Care Package. It's a box of loose soft plastic baits from the best brands, sold by the POUND!

Q: How many baits do I actually get?


The average box breaks down to 7-12 cents per bait, yes. Pennies. That's 75% OFF wholesale pricing. These are BRAND NEW. NAME BRAND LURES ONLY!

How? We buy in volume, and sell in volume. Visit the product page for our full story.

Now Available In Select Dick's Sporting Goods and Field & Stream Locations

We are excited to bring you our newest versions of the famous 1LB Bulk Bag and the 1LB Bulk Bag: Stick Worms to an in-store shopping experience.

Visit our store locations to find a store near you.


Fishing Care Package has helped anglers break their PERSONAL BEST fish with our gear.

We search to find the best-of-the-best lures, tackle, and gear from the best brands in the industry. We care about catching fish, not squeezing out your value. We don't take partnerp-brand deals that will give you sample packs, non-selling items, or more ads (Also sold to you as a "Magazine" value) Don't fall for it. 

Customize Your Care Package

We understand California and Florida Largemouth Bass have different diets, water features, and fishing styles. That's why you can customize your next Fishing Care Package to fit these needs. During checkout under the "NOTES" tab to us, share your fishing details and our In-House Staff will make your box to fit.

The Best Box = Value + Quality

Find the best upcoming brands and most popular lures for the species you love to fish for! We work around the clock to partner up with the right brands you provide you quality.